The idea to start the Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund appeared in mid-2001 when several European board-members of the European Student Forum AEGEE together with several project teams and managers agreed that some measures had to be taken to provide more certainty and guarantees for carrying out European Projects and Events successfully and as originally intended.

Therefore, the decision was made to set-up a separate legal structure to support projects and events Europeanwide. Thanks to the efforts of Bart Neerscholten and other successful project managers of AEGEE-Europe, the Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund has been set up as an independent Foundation seated in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on 23rd of December 2003. By supporting successful start-ups of project and events with project management and liquidity support, it is contributing to its mission to promote European integration and international understanding and tolerance.

As the activities of the foundation contribute to the development of youth in Dutch and European society, the ANBI status was granted to FATF under the presidency of Theijs van Welij in 2010.  This gives the opportunity to receive tax-deductable donations from alumnae.

The members that now run the FATF all have extensive European experience and project management knowledge. They have run and supported various projects in the past years. To see the projects that were supported so far, continue to the results section.