Change of board

After today’s boardmeeting, we welcome out new members of AEGEE / European Students’ Forum in our mids and are thankfull for our previous representatives of the Comite Directeur. With respect to the present COVID-19 situation, out boardmeeting did take place online and sadly not in Brussels. We all hope to be meeting soon again somewhere in Europe. Read more →

2019 annual report and financial report

During a special online boardmeeting we discussed the annual report and financal report we adopted the annual report and financial report over 2019. The report over 2019 saw two major issues: 1. There is a 0% interest rate on our savings, to cover our costs we reintroduced interest on the liquidity loans. Keeping the rate as low as possible. 2.… Read more →

Provisions for loans 2020

The last few years interest rates on savings plummeted to zero percent or even into the negatives, unfortunately FATF is feeling the effects of this and our operational results have been negative for a few years because of this. One of our provisions for a loan has always been form of interest or fixed costs, untill recently we didn’t effectuated… Read more →