Structure of the FATF

The structure of the FATF is chosen to support its mission and aims as good as possible. We have opted for the following structure:


The ‘FATF Board’, central in the diagram, takes the decisions (unanimously) while being adviced and watched by the ‘Supervisory Board’.

The responsibilities of the executive board are the following:

  • To safeguard the mission and long term interests of the FATF. This includes:
    • Help for students that want to write applications to be able to carry out European projects and events. In order to support the board with this, a‘Commission of Experts’ has been established.
    • Provision of liquidity via a loan scheme for student projects and events that fall within the mission/aims
    • Help in successfully rounding off projects and events
    • General and project management help for students in project teams and event teams
  • Represent the FATF externally. This includes:
    • Working together with a group of ‘Founding Friends’ that will support our work with donations
    • Working together with a the Supervisor Board (Board of Advice) that agrees with the principles of the Foundation and wants to promote them further
    • Carry out a PR-strategy that is in accordance with the work and mission of FATF