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The Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund aims to support AEGEE-Europe in various ways.

First of all, projects and events organized by AEGEE-Europe and AEGEE-locals that run into problems can request a loan from the FATF to bridge the liquidity gap.

Secondly, many experts in the FATF – all members of the Commission of Experts – are willing to help AEGEE-locals with setting up, implementing, monitoring and closing events and projects as advisors.

Finally, the FATF has in the Commission of Experts many members who are experts in the field of writing high-quality applications and if needed they really want to help out.
If you want more information about the Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund, search on the website ( or contact any of the board-members.

FATF is very happy to help you in various means (liquidity support, project management expertise, application assistance) but just to be sure we avoid any misunderstandings.

Therefore, before going on, please read and understand the following guidelines: For any requests, we have to say that we will not consider any incomplete applications. If you have any questions when filling in a request, do not hesitate to contact us via the email-address provided on the application site!

Once we receive your request, we discuss it as soon as possible and you will be informed by us of any further steps that have to be taken. If for any reason we do not accept the request we will clearly argue why and no appeal against this decision is possible.

The applicationform is presently disabled, please contact us via:


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