Support from FATF

We are happy you have chosen to make use of the support and expertise of the FATF. There are different ways in which we can help you out. Before you choose any option below, please make sure that you know what the FATF and its mission are about.

If you want help/support:
1. From FATF for writing applications for grants/subventions in order to organise a project or event, click here.
2. From FATF because you have a liquidity problem during implementation and want to apply for a loan, click here.
3. From FATF in the management of your project during the prepation, implementation or follow-up, click here.
4. From FATF with closing your project or event successfully, ending with accurate financial and activity reports. To find examples of projects/events carried out and successfully closed, click here.
5. From FATF for general support, please contact us directly. Be aware that FATF can only give support within the scope of its statutes.