Financial Contribution


By decission of 27 September 2010, donations to FATF have become tax-deductable as the Dutch Tax Administration has designated FATF as an Institution for General Benefit (algemeen nut beogende instelling or ‘ANBI’). This not only applies to the deduction of donations for the income tax but also to the company tax and inheritance tax. In other words: Nor you or your company, nor FATF does pay tax over your donation.
Via the programme ANBI opzoeken (in Dutch) you can verify our granted ANBI status to the Stichting AEGEE Trust Fund.

Threshold and maximum

This depends on your national tax system. Often the deduction of donations is subject to a threshold and a maximum amount derived from your aggregate income.

United Kingdom

On request, we issue a confirmation of your donation. As your tax agency might not recognise a donation made to a foreign Institution for General Benefit, you might be able to use the Transnational Giving Europe network. For more information, please find your national contact NGO at the TGE website.

As financial contributor, you can become a ‘founding friend