Financial Contribution

Financial contribution

You can financialy contribute and help us with our important work, just donate by using one of the following options:

Direct Bank Transfer

The easiest way to donate, is via Direct Bank Transfer. Just donate your contribution via:
IBAN: NL33INGB0004357345

Bright Funds

Is your company using Bright Funds ( You can now donate to Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund through Bright Funds and help support #AEGEE.

Please note that Bright Funds is primarily used by US-based companies. If you have any questions or need support on using Bright Funds, please refer to your company’s helpdesk or contact.


We are working on getting the account at PayPal fully under the guidelines. In doing so being able to waiver the costs of using PayPal for donations. Untill that moment, consider using the Direct Bank Transfer or keep the costs in mind. You can also use this form to donate at PayPal.


By decission of 27 September 2010, donations to FATF have become tax-deductable as the Dutch Tax Administration has designated FATF as an Institution for General Benefit (algemeen nut beogende instelling or ‘ANBI’). This not only applies to the deduction of donations for the income tax but also to the company tax and inheritance tax. In other words: Nor you or your company, nor FATF does pay tax over your donation.
Via the programme ANBI opzoeken (in Dutch) you can verify our granted ANBI status to the Stichting AEGEE Trust Fund.

We are considering joining Transnational Giving Europe, due to effeciency and costs we are asked to consider seperate countries and expected tresholds. Once donations from a single country out of the network reachs a certain network, we will request TGE status. Please contact us if you want to know more.

As financial contributor with a minimum of € 500,- (or USD 500 via Bright Funds), you can become a ‘founding friend‘.