Contribute to FATF

The FATF wants to make a difference!
We want to carry out our mission and support European integration and international understanding between youths in Europe. This is not an abstract goal but something very concrete for us: any European project team or event organising team with a European interest can approach us for support.

The kinds of real help from the FATF vary, depending on the needs of the organising teams: from support in writing high-quality applications to project management skills to liquidity provisions and financial support.

Supporting the FATF
We estimate increasing expenses due to requests for financial support and the costs for project/event assistance. That is why we want to invite people that are truly supporting the mission and vision of the FATF to help students with projects and events in the whole of Europe to support us.

You can help by providing financial and general support for the FATF!
 For an overview of the various financial possibilities in more detail, please click here.
If you want to support the work of the FATF with your expertise, the possibilities are outlined here.

In case you want further information, do not hesitate to contact us.