Liquidity Support

You can get liquidity support from the FATF if you have secured funding from different foundations or institutions. You might have the problem that your donor will pay you a part of the money only after the event, and you are not able to pre-finance everything yourself. Only if you meet the eligibillity criteria FATF can be of help with liquidity support, in other cases we can give advice on strategic budgetting. Please contact us preferably 6 weeks before the start of your event, as we might need 2 weeks to process your request.

To be eligible for liquidity support, you should:

  • organise an event as a project team, working group, commission, local or any other body of AEGEE.
  • have secured funding from a foundation or institution: the application has been accepted and the contract signed
  • have investigated other options for solving liquidity issues: agreements with creditors, locals pre-financing, etc.

If you fulfill these criteria, you can apply for liquidity support. You will need to fill in the application form for liquidity support, providing all detailed information on the project, funds and budget. After receiving the application, we will review it. If not all required information was given, we will indicate this to you, after which you will have the chance to provide the additional information. After receiving full information, we will make a decision on supporting your project.

In your application, provide us with detailed information on the following topics:

  • full application to and contract with the funding organisation
  • detailed budget – based on real costs and incomes, not on lump sums
  • liquidity plan – when do you need to pay for what, when do you get which money and how will you fill in the gaps?
  • status of the organisation: are you realisticly expecting to meet the numbers you mentioned in the application, considering partner organisations, participants, costs etc.

Consider these questions on filling in the application. If you fill all required information, your application will be processed much faster.