20 year anniversary Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund

Foundation AEGEE Trust FundWe have exciting news to share with you all! In December 2023, the Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund will celebrate 20 years of achievements and impact of our fund. The fund supports AEGEE projects and initiatives that promote European integration, youth empowerment, and intercultural dialogue.

Learn more about the fund’s history, vision and future plans. And most of all, how you can help us together to help the AEGEE network by becoming a beneficiary, donor or expert.

With yet another historical turning point in our European future, we will also be introducing a recovery fund after a major disaster or conflict to help the network to continue building on a democratic, inclusive and borderless Europe.

Follow our website www.fatf.info and our Facebook page for more information on how we are planning to celebrate our 20 year anniversary and to support the fund that has been making a difference for 20 years.

Curious about how you can already make a donation or want to know how you can contribute with your expert knowledge? Feel free to contact us about current projects or make a SEPA transfer to our IBAN account. If you are paying taxes in the Netherlands, your contribution could be tax-deductible.

Of course, your donations and your expert applications are already welcome. We hope to see you during our 20 years celebration.

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