Planning a last minute donation?

Planning a last minute donation for 2023 or you want to put one on your list for 2024? You should consider donate to Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund and support us in helping AEGEE / European Students’ Forum.

Remember we posted about the option to donate via Bright Funds? Today we recieved positive news, we are about to recieve our first payment from the Bright Funds. You wanna join in and donate yourself? But you don’t have acces to Bright Funds? There are also other options to donate, check our site!

You can also become a Founding Friend if your donation exceeds € 500,-

Are you Dutch? Donating can even be more favourable, because of our ANBI status. Just short of your treshold for tax-deduction, consider FATF.

We also kindly remember you that you can also donate time and expertise to the AEGEE network via Les Anciens d’AEGEE.

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